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Baking is in my blood and is my biggest passion besides being a wife and mom. I was almost held back in kindergarten because I would sneak off the playground during recess to walk home so I would not miss “cookie baking time” with my mom. Even in 1981 baking had my heart.

In 1996 I started baking custom cakes from my home for friends and family. When I began this journey. I had no idea that I would one day be in the cake business.  I am taking a giant leap of faith and opening my dream cake shop from home while I still work full time.

I have an amazing team made up of my husband and kiddos, family, friends and clients that make every day as “sweet” as it can be...I couldn’t be more thankful.

Behind the scenes, I am a creative, quirky baker where my passion for baking has been passed on from my Grandma and Mom.  They taught me that dessert is the best part of every good meal. My “go to” rolling pin has been used for 5 generations and I wouldn’t make a batch of cinnamon rolls or kolache without it.

I take pride in producing products that both taste amazing and look great. My inspirational family helps me stay focused and light hearted.  My goal is to deliver amazing and delicious creations that keep our customers spreading the word and coming back for more!


Thank you for making us part of your memories!!!!

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